It’s Okay to Quit

It’s okay to quit, if you don’t wanna do something anymore. Yes, there will always be things in life that you have little interest in that are useful or flat out need to get done. But if you have a project or hobby or goal that does not need to get done, and it’s causing you great stress or great boredom, just QUIT.

It’s okay to quit even if people around you pressure you to continue, tell you you’re wrong for quitting, or tell you you’re making a mistake.

A project is rewarding if your level of interest stays ahead of the level of challenge. What’s rewarding for others may not be rewarding for you, and vice versa. Only you can decide what’s worth spending your time on.

If the level of challenge has risen above your level of interest, go ahead and quit.*

You don’t have to feel bad about quitting something that would be easy to do, if your interest has waned, and it makes you miserably bored.

You don’t have to suffer through stress and burnout to continue something that has become impossibly difficult for you.

“But I’ve already invested so much time and money. I can’t quit now.”**

It’s unfortunate that you can’t always know ahead of time how challenging something will become or how long you’ll maintain your interest. But, the money is already spent. The time is already gone. Does it make sense to continue to waste more of your time and more of your money?


When you let go of that boring project or impossible goal, the opportunity will open up to spend time on something more rewarding and enjoyable.

SOMETIMES… the right move is to just QUIT.


*With almost any project or goal, there will be an initial learning curve, brief periods of greater challenge, and brief periods of lower interest. These may not be reason enough to quit. But if you are experiencing prolonged lack of interest or protracted challenges… then it may be time to quit.

**This is the sunk cost fallacy. Don’t feel bad if you’ve fallen for it. Everyone has at some point. Don’t get mad at others if they use it to pressure you into continuing. They usually mean well.